Orange Sage Olive Oil Cake

Orange Sage Olive Oil Cake

With all the flavor of a pound cake, this lighter variety has a wonderfully springy mouthfeel. I love to pair herbs with desserts and found orange and sage to be a gorgeous match, but you can play with the combinations to suit your preferences- perhaps grapefruit with rosemary, or lemon and thyme, lime and black pepper even.

This is not an overly sweet cake, and it pairs nicely with a simple vanilla ice cream, plain whipped cream that allows to orange to do all the talking, or with a simple piece of dark chocolate or almonds. And like so many baked goods, this cake is exceptional the day after it’s baked.

Eggnog Bread Bake

This is a basic bread pudding or French toast bake, whatever you’d like to call it, with a hint of holiday joy from the eggnog.

Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies

Dorie Greenspan’s recipe that she’s been making for decades. As she says, “If they look like Toll House Cookies, it’s because that recipe, the mother of so many chocolate-chippers, was my starting point.”